About The Podcast

A Talk-Show produced by IamAvneetSK Films to express views on the latest and trending topics as well as what we look forward to those news and trends. Our views are all based on our own experience as well as research. We value topics which can really impact audience at large. We love to hear from you as well.


Avneet Singh

Avneet Singh is Founder of Tech Milestone. He believes that sharing his views with public about things he learnt or knew will make an impact.


Tech Milestone

Team at Tech Milestone work hard to make podcasts. They are a true partner.


IamAvneetSK Films

Show is created from scratch under the production resources from IamAvneetSK Films.

The Tech View is the podcast produced by IamAvneetSK Films as an initiative to share views on all the topics around Tech. The Partners, Tech Milestone, comes as a cherry on top. The Podcast focuses on daily life questions, ideas, knowledge, queries and opinions. All UNFILTERED

Higher Expressions

Talkshow offers the hosts and guests to remain true and express openly what they actually feel and talk about various things as and when they occur. It offers a greater sense of expression of feelings as compared to all other formats. Interaction makes them feel comfortable and be true.

Constant Change

When we talk about Technology. Nothing remains same, it changes everyday. Even now when you are looking here, their is some new piece of technology either improvement or prototype is being worked upon. Also, technology is something which is being used around us all the time, from a LED to Smartphones, everything is a piece of Tech.

Our Vision

We choose Technology with Talk-show as one is something which changes everyday and is exciting to look forward to and other helps us express our feelings, thoughts, opinions and views. Our interest made us work closely with our partner, Tech Milestone and be true to our expression at same time.

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